Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable use policy establishes the terms between users and HuntMyOffice, and this policy gives users access to the website (of HuntMyOffice).  Acceptable use policy is applicable to everybody, user or guest, who uses the site. Users get access to the site only when they accept and agree to comply with these acceptable use policies.

1.  Proscribed uses

Users are allowed to use the HuntMyOffice site only for legal purposes. The users must not use the site in following ways:

  • Any type of way that violates any pertinent local law, national or international law or rules.
  • Way that is deceitful or illegal, or bears any purpose or consequence against the law
  • In a way that allows you to send, collect, upload, download, employ, or re-use any matter which does not fulfil our content standards.
  • In any way that can lead to a virus or any other destructive program in the system, thus leading to a negative effect on the actions of any processor software or hardware.

By complying with the acceptable use policy, users agree to:

  • Not to replicate or make duplicate copies of any material
  • To make sure that they don’t access the site without authority, and damage or hinder with any part of HuntMyOffice, any tool or network of the site, and any software used on the site.

2. Interactive services

HuntMyOffice may every now and then organise and provide Interactive service sessions on the site and that too without any restrained chat rooms, bulletin boards, and operator blogs.

HuntMyOffice will provide its users proper information about its interactive service, whenever they are offered. HuntMyOffice will do its best to evaluate risk for users if there is any. Though, the site is under no compulsion to supervise, observe, or moderate any of the interactive services as provided by us on our site. Also, the site explicitly mentions that it does not hold any accountability for any damage caused by any interactive service to any user.

Minors need the consent of their parents or guardian to make use of interactive services. Even if elders allow their children to use an interactive service, they are advised to teach children about online safety and potential risks, because moderation is not infallible.

Usually, HuntMyOffice provides its users with a way of contacting the intermediary in case of any difficulty.

3. Content standards

The users must take care of the content standards when they contribute to HuntMyOffice as well as its interactive services.

Contributors must take care that their contributions should be accurate (if they are stating any facts), and they should abide by the laws of India or any other nation from which they are posted.

Contributors must also take care that their contributions are not offensive in any manner. The contributions must not endorse sexually overt material, violence, illegal activities, discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, caste, class, nationality etc.  Also, contributions must not be plagiarised and they must not breach any law, especially of confidence. He content must not pose any threat, inconvenience or annoyance to other person’s privacy.

4. Deferral and Termination

HuntMyOffice will see if there has been a violation of the acceptable use policy by any user. If we find any kind of breach, then we may call for action.

Abiding by terms and conditions permits the user to use the site. If the user fails to abide by the acceptable use policy, then it will mean that they have violates the rules of terms and conditions. So, such breach from user’s part will lead to:

  • Instant permanent or transient withdrawal of user’s rights to use the site
  • User’s elimination from posting any material
  • Issue of a word of warning to the user
  • Lawful proceedings against the user to compensate for all costs and so on.

5. Changes in the policy

Acceptable use policy is subject to change at any time. Users are advised to keep on checking the site in case of any amendments in the policy.

6. Contact us

Users can contact HuntMyOffice whenever they find themselves in doubt. Also, if users have any kind of questions or queries, they can contact the site.