Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of terms and conditions

Before beginning to use HuntMyOffice, everyone, be it a registered user or a guest, should read the terms of use with utmost care to avoid any problem in future. When you use HuntMyOffice it means you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the site and users can also print a copy of these provisions and conditions for future direction.

Since the terms and conditions are modified every now and then, it is suggested to users that they check the terms before proceeding to ensure its application.

Additional terms

There are some additional terms as well for users to follow:

  • Privacy policy– includes the terms on which the users’ personal data is managed as provided by or collected from the users.
  • Acceptable use policy– includes permission and prohibition of using HuntMyOffice.

It is expected from users to act in accordance with both above-mentioned policies.

How to access the site

Access of HuntMyOffice is granted to users on a transitory basis. The site holds the authority to remove as well as make changes in the services provided by us without any prior notice. Once in a while, the site can limit the access to a few parts or the complete site for its registered users.

Since registers users get identification code, password and any other information, they must not reveal it to any other person as this information is meant to be kept confidential. The site holds the right to put any id code or password out of action if the user fails to abide by the terms and policies. If the user has knowledge of or suspicion of any third person misusing id and password, then he/she can inform us by either sending us an email or writing a letter to the manager of the site.

Intellectual property rights

The site holds the proprietorship of the site’s intellectual property rights as well as over the matter published on the site. However, copyright and treaty protected works have the protection of their reserved rights. Users can print a copy or download short passages for personal references. Any modification in these papers is not permitted.

Users must always give proper recognition to HuntMyOffice as the authors of the published material. Users are not allowed to use even a piece of the published material for their or business purpose without taking a license from authority. If users fail to follow this, then their right to use the site will be terminated instantly.

Dependability on the posted information

Users are recommended not to rely on the reviews and other matter published on the site as they are not proposed to amount any guidance or advice. HuntMyOffice will not be held responsible for any inconvenience, to any visitor or user, arising from reliance put on such content.

Property descriptions, as well as other information, are made available on the site just for informing purpose and marketing reasons, but the site cannot be held responsible for their accurateness.


As mentioned earlier, any content published on the site is liable to change, so its forever availability is not guaranteed. Since the site is upgraded frequently; its content may perhaps change anytime.

If there is a need, access to HuntMyOffice can be put off or restriction can be put on some parts of the site or it can be closed until further notice.  However, the site is not liable for an update of any material.

Users must check the site time and again to remain updated about the changes.

Site’s accountability

As far as the material exhibited on the site is concerned, it does not carry any guarantee, warranty, or condition. It is the responsibility of the user to assess the quality, feasibility, wholeness, as well as dependability of the services and any piece of information provided.

User  protection

By agreeing to the terms and condition, you being a user agree to cover or defend and hold the site and its allied companies safe from any accusations made by any intermediary.

Illegal offences

Users must not misuse HuntMyOffice by introducing viruses and hacking techniques which could be technologically harmful. Also, users must not try to access the site in an unauthorised manner. Violation of this will be considered as an act of criminal offence, and the same would be reported to the pertinent law enforcement authorities. Along with this, the user will immediately lose the right to access the site.

Easy contact

In the case of any doubts, queries, or question, the user can contact the site any time they want.

Links to and from site

A user can link to the site by fair means, however, a link suggesting association or approval would not be entertained by the site.

Links to any other sites are provided for the information of users only.

However, if you have any query related with any concern, you can visit us or contact us through our official mail id.